Tutti Kit For Sale (Sold) TY


I have a blank Tutti kit by Natali Blick that I do not have time to paint. She was only taken out of the packaging to inspect. There is a little dent in her forehead that might just be part of the sculpt- if not I am sure it will pop out when you bake. Included is the head, limbs, and COA. Her price is 150.00 plus shipping. I am located in the United States. Pictures coming as soon as my camera battery charges.


Interested…waiting to see pics :slight_smile:


Here you go- let me know if you need more.


How much is shipping to 63123?


I used USPS to calculate it and for priority mail, insurance at 150.00, and signature delivery it is between 13.35 and 15.35 depending on if I am able to get a Regional mailing box from the post office.

maybe the signature is not necessary?


The fore head dent is part of the kit :wink:


Thank you :grin: I thought maybe it was meant to be there but could not see it in painted Tutti kits. Kind of an off little dent.


My PayPal address is pcrank@gmail.com :yellow_heart:


I will send you an invoice in the morning. Thank you!


Invoice has been sent.




Thank you so much! I will do my best to get her out today and will upload tracking info so that you know when to expect your package.


Thank you. No hurry. I’m so excited to have this kit. :yellow_heart: