Tucking cable ties


ANy tips on how to get your cable ties tucked neatly so the “head” (if thats what it is called) is not visible and cant be felt?


I use a tweezer to grip the material and tug it over the hump of the cable tie.


I am having trouble with this due to the casing not being wide enough to accommodate the fattest part of the cable tie to tuck it in. I guess it depends on where you get your body from. If you look at the post “Better Bodies” in this section of the forum, there is one suggestion on a lady that makes them. I haven’t tried them yet, but I have been told she is good.


the real skinny cable tie heads will sometimes slip in under the doe suede body slit where the cable is running through - but most of the time - I just cut them an then take heavy duty finger nail file and file them down so they are real smooth and don’t hurt anyone or snag clothing.


this is why I love string tie bodies. I can burn the ends close and they do not ravel or big bump


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this is why I love string tie bodies. I can burn the ends close and they do not ravel or big bump

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Do you replace the cotton strings, that come with some of the BB kits now, with nylon so that you can burn them to keep from raveling? I have a few bodies that have the string ties and I haven’t used them yet…


I have used the cotton ties and burned those ends.


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I have used the cotton ties and burned those ends.

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and they melt so they won’t ravel? I will have to try that…


yes I have replaced the cable ties on some bodies esp necks with the nylon.


How do you knot the ties so the limbs and head wont fall off?


i hate those strings!! if i tie them tight enough so the head still moves smoothly, the head falls off and if i tie it tighter, it doesn’t move. its annoying. I replaced all my strings with cable ties. and i don’t see how cotton “melts”.


I have a big cardboard envelope filled with cable ties of all sizes. I found out that if you don’t have a neck ring for a doll, if you use a wide cable tie about the same size as the groove that the cable tie goes into, it will work like a neck ring. Just close it snug but not too tight and the head will turn side to side very easy.


For the cotton string, I’d recommend just using a drop of super glue gel on the tip of a toothpick to keep it from unraveling. Some cotton string has enough polyester in the mix to melt. Other mixes might just keep smoldering away! I do the same with the cable ties as Desma and leave it slightly loose. I got the hint from someone pm’d to me to coat the flange with a light coat of super glue brushed on to make it turn even easier.

As for the string, my biggest concern would be that over time (years), some cotton string actually rots and breaks very easily. Don’t know why it breaks down faster than fabric. That is part of the reason that they add polyester to the mix now. Just what experience I’ve had with cotton string on other things. On the other hand, it never occured to me to try to hide the bump on the cable ties. Duh again!! I have sanded down the end so it isn’t sharp if that counts for anything (foot sander works great!)


Here is what I do. Sorry I have not answered sooner been a rough time around here. I tighten the string in the channel and tie a knot then I take the excess string and wrap around the neck or arm or leg which ever part I am using it on then make two or 3 knots. When I tie this around the body parts I make sure it goes down below the body, in to the channel, so it does not show. Then I hold the excess string out and burn it off with a lighter. I always add a drop or two of water on the end of the string I just burned so if God forbid it did touch something while hot it would not damage anything. The fire fighter in me I guess.