Trying so hard :(

So many layers are on her and I still can’t get the fresh newborn red. Any tips? Should I just strip it and start over :pensive:


I think she’s coming along nicely!!
Make sure you do your creasing! :heart_eyes:


That’s next :slightly_smiling_face: I had to step away from her for a few hours.

Been there many times lol. Once you have done more steps you will see her come around and you will feel happier. Mottling and also your undertones :slight_smile:

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I think we all get to what we feel like is an ugly baby stage. Once you get past it, you feel better. For what it’s worth, I think your baby is looking great.


I agree you are right on track she is coming along beautifully, hang in there❤️


Keep going!!! She’s coming along really well. You’re going to end up with a real beauty here!

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You are getting there. That perfect newborn flush is as elusive as the transient color on their hands and feet at birth. It’s a goal, and it’s one I have never truly mastered even though I’ve been doing this for a lot of years. Sometimes it works and sometimes the baby just takes you to a different place. The color you have now sort of looks like the pinker newborn look with a bit of jaundice. Not what you are wanting, but very realistic and a common color with newborns. Wrote this to remind you that you can get a realistic color without getting exactly what you want. I sure wouldn’t strip this one, the color is coming along even though it may not be what you had planned. Perfection every time is hard. In fact it’s probably impossible!


Not sure I’m on the right track anymore, but either way it was fun to experiment with new techniques! Thank you all for your wonderful and kind input! I adore the positivity in this group :heart:
Right side is her now, left side is before I went crazy with different washes.