Trying out painting hair again


I thought I’d attempt painted hair again. This is much better then my previous attempts. I’ve only done a small patch, trying out different techniques. Am I getting close? What could I do to improve?


WOW, that looks really good. It looks so real. I wish I knew how to do that.


Thank you, this is my 3rd attempt. I’m not completely happy with it, I don’t think I’ll ever be as good as some are at painting hair but I think I’m improving. I will add more layers later and see how it goes.


You’re on the right track so if you keep going, you’ll be just as good as them. :wink:


Aww thank you :blush:


I think what you have done so far looks brilliant.


Yeah, that really looks good!
I started using prisma but I wish I could manage to paint hair, its really difficult


It looks great! Can’t wait to see the completed product!


That looks amazing! Be careful not to add too much or it can make it look like painted hair. What you have now looks very real.


Thank you for the tip, I think I would have ended up over painting if I hadn’t read your advise. I’m hoping to work some more on it tonight, but will probably just do the other area of the head and see how it come together before I consider adding more.


Wow, nice. I’m begining to think that pics online may look better than in person. When i Look at my paint job(hair) I’m not to happy, then I come across a pic that looks similar and It looks great. Maybe it’s just our self perception. If it looks anything like I’m seeing, it looks great.


looks great!


Great job !!! I have not been brave enough to attempt painting hair yet and your looks wonderful !!!


Thank you all unfortunately I’m no expert, while I was working on another area I lent in it and smudged it all. Whoops! It’s a good job I’m just using it as a practice head. I’m happy to strip it if I need to. Next time I will bake it before adding more.


The middle part looks very real .


It looks great!!


I wish I had such a gentle hand. I would never attempt hair-painting. That looks good.