Is Trueborn a Scam? I ordered 3 kits months ago and haven’t got my order. I’ve emailed but no answer.

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Truborn with no e?

Bobbi Barfoot is the owner. Not a scam but sometimes slow shipping and such. I know she had moved then had to move again due to issues at the new house, etc.


Maybe that’s the problem thanks.

When I have needed to contact her I have messaged her on facebook… I hope you are able to contact her soon


What kits? Maybe they are still on pre-order.

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Mine didn’t ship until I messaged her directly on Facebook! It shipped pretty quickly after that!


Facebook messenger is how I have had to get hold of her when I have problems. Message her directly or through had Truborn Facebook page.

I refuse to order from turborns. There are to many great sellers out there than to have to chase what you paid for. There are SO many complaints about this company. I don’t understand how she is still in business. I really don’t. I hope you get a good response. :heart:


You can reach out to her on Facebook. I’ve ordered several kits from her and never had a problem at all in fact fastest shipping ever.

I say “never again” every time I order. Then she has a sale, and I order again. :woman_facepalming:t2: This time it was glass eyes. I ordered 3 pair. I received 2. When I asked her on Facebook about it, she said the 3rd pair was probably out of stock. And she said she could refund me. That was about a week ago. I don’t feel like I should constantly have to hound her every time something goes wrong. But I do if I want the problem corrected. She will eventually fix it. And I’ll avoid her site for a while. Then I’ll be stupid and go back for more drama. It’s what I do. I’m insane. :woman_facepalming:t2:


What is her Facebook name please?

Messaged you.

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This happens to me! Same thing it took a week and I asked her again and she refunded me $20 even though the eyes were $25



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I paid for LouLous on Dec 24 and had to message through FB - she said they only got partial shipment initially - so sometimes manufacturers fault - however - maybe more communication would be good to notify buyers. :blush:

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