Truborn refund

I just ordered Margot and a head on their site, was so happy to get her at this price, cheaper than MacPherson. Shipping was ok.
This morning I received a refund for Margot, with no explanation. I asked them to refund full transaction because I will not pay full shipping only for one head.

Is anybody else have had this experience with them ?
I am not happy at all. No communication prior, no explanation.

The kit was 85$ +15$shipping, if someone know where else I can get this price it will be great !

I had ordered 3 pairs of eyes and only received 2, she told me that the other one was sold out but the website said it wasn’t, I asked for a refund that she said she would but I had to ask again a week later and I was only refunded $20 instead of the $25, not the biggest deal but I’ll take what I can get. But I have had other transactions with no problems at all


Yeah, that’s not good service


That’s not good business at all ! She should have refund you the full price !
I will not ordering there again for sure.

I was so happy to finally treat myself with my daughter’s portrait baby. I have not a lot of money available with all the mold story that happens in my house.

I will never buy from her again. Terrible customer service. There are to many great places to buy from then deal with a company that doesn’t seem to care for their customers.


Ugh! I wanted a few of the kits they have on sale and found some adorable “soon to be” kits on there but after reading all the issues with their customer service, problems…I doubt I’ll order from them


I still have no response from them. I hope they refund the head and not ship it.

I ordered Tayra a few months ago as layaway. I paid her off on the 16th. But I haven’t gotten her. I messaged them on Facebook and haven’t heard back. It was the same with the Alexa Marie kit I ordered. That one took about a month to arrive.
Also, payments from Truborn are hard to track. I was part of the mystery kit club. So that came out monthly. (Thank goodness that club is over. It wasn’t worth it.) Also I had Stanley Oliver on preorder, as well as the Tayra layaway. Payments come out, but there’s nothing on the PayPal record to say what the payments are for. So I have to go back and mentally figure it all out based on the dates and amounts of the payments. I said I wasn’t going to order from there ever again. But she was the only one to have Stanley Oliver at first, and $79 Tayra was impossible to resist.

Insanity: Doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result.
But here I am…obviously insane. :woman_facepalming:t2:


One or two times it may be a mistake but after that you really want to ask yourself if it’s work it !

I received a email today saying that they received an order and they have the coa, so they will see if they have the kit than I will have to pay again.


I love insane you! But sorry for your unpleasant experience :frowning:

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I know Bobbi (Owner of Truborns) went through some major housing issues with sewage flooding etc and had to move. Then after she moved she said she was without internet for a while there. So I think she got some things mixed up.


I don’t know how long it takes to find a kit but I have no news from them. Not sure what to do now.
How long do I wait ?
I am affraid they ship the head, but not sure if I want to miss Margot.

Honestly, I’ve had two or three transactions through the years and none went smoothly.

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Have you tried contacting her through Facebook?

I don’t use Facebook but he contacted me via email yesterday so I replied the same way. Should be enough for communicate with a company.

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I would keep emailing, before the eye problem I had it was like a week out and no shipping notice so I email them if I could add something to my order and the emailed back that it was just dropped off, then again when I wanted the refund for the eyes she said okay but a week or two later I had to ask again and wasn’t refunded the full amount

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They have not found Margot it seem. They said they just moved to another location and misplaced some things. They refunded my head and give me a coupon code.

Should I wait for them to found the kit and then use the coupon or order for MacPherson and pay more but sure to receive it ?

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As we have messaged. I have Tayra on layaway, please let me know it you do not receive yours. This is troubling, I hope there are no issues