Troubleshooting My Auction

My Sophia is still not doing well on eBay. What should I do? Is she too heavy? Should I include more clothing with her, is it that her sculpt is not the most popular? Should I change her gender? :confused:


Do you have the link to her?

Mostly, it’s just a matter of the right mommy seeing your post and that can take some time.


She is very beautiful. I wouldn’t change her a bit. I’m no good at the marketing part, so listen to others on that!


She is stunning and I think the right mommy just needs to come along and find her. I agree with Simone about the text but other than that, everything looked great to me. She is seriously beautiful and I like her as a girl.


She’s beautiful and your photos are really nice. I too would work on the block of text though. Maybe use a little bit bigger font and break it up into short paragraphs with a space between each of them. You can use italics or bold lettering to emphasize special info and add interest.
It’s hard to keep someone reading that much info all at once when they want to scroll down to see the rest of your pictures. I’ve had good luck with breaking my text up and putting a little between each of the photos…kind of keeps them moving through the pictures while not letting the volume of necessary info be quite so overwhelming!
Her perfect momma is probably just around the corner. Good luck!


Thanks, Simone. I tried crocheting (my mom had done it for years and tried to teach me) and totally couldn’t get it. I did learn to knit a little bit in kindergarten, though.

That template was purchased off eBay, so I’m not sure how to break it up into paragraphs. I’ve wanted to do that for a while. Do you know how I can do it? What HTML to use?

There is a photo of the outfits and things she comes with, near the bottom of the template. Should I do more in addition to that?

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Thank you, all!

Can someone suggest a better template that I can use? Do you know who makes one at a reasonable price that would be more versatile with the text? Thanks!

I would put the pictures of her in that beautiful dress in the first part of the auction…she is adorable in it!!!

I agree with Simone about the frilly outfits…when people pay that much $$ for a baby…they like to feel
that they are getting something besides the baby…so I usually post pictures in at least 3-4 nice outfits and also include
pictures in a onesie!!

Your baby is beautiful and the painted hair is fantastic!!!

She will find the right Mommy soon…just be patient!!!

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The template you have is probably just fine, and if you’e already purchased it just keep it. Go back and edit your post and try these HTML Codes…

If you just want to break a line of text use < br/> (WITH NO SPACES)
You can’t see the code once it’s typed in, but it will format your text correctly. I used it on the example below for Charlie Brown just by typing it between the words where I want the line to break.

EXAMPLE: Charlie Brown< br/>555 Whatever Street< br/>Wherever Town, CA 111111

Charlie Brown
555 Whatever Street
Wherever Town, CA 111111

Now if you want to start a whole new paragraph you have to use 2 codes. This code opens the paragraph < p> and this code closes the paragraph < /p> and all of your text would be written in between those two (WITH NO SPACES).

EXAMPLE: < p>This would start your first paragraph< /p>< p>This would start your second paragraph< /p>< p>This would start your third paragraph…and so on< /p>< p>Just remember not to put spaces in the codes, I had to in the examples so they would show up< /p>

This would start your first paragraph

This would start your second paragraph

This would start your third paragraph...and so on

Just remember not to put spaces in the codes, I had to in the examples so they would show up


Our math teacher made us do html coding for a couple days so she could get a grant for our school…it made my eyes want to bleed haha! Never again…


She looks flawless. I don’t think people are buying as much this month.

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Michelle! Do a template for me!!! I can’t figure it out!!! I have been looking to hire someone!!!

she is beautiful

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Learn it!!! You can make money doing that Michelle!!!

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If you want I can send you a template to look at and practice with, I bought a few but couldn’t figure them out… So, I can give you one!

Let me look for them!!! Pm me your email!

If you are still looking for someone Nikki, I can give you the name of my lady. She was awesome and made everything for me. My website, etsy banner, facebook banner, business cards, avatars, birth certificate, care instructions and more. She was very reasonable too!


That sounds awesome!!! Yes please!!! Can she do a logo? What is your website? I want to see!!!:heart:️:heart:️:heart:️:heart:️ THANK YOU!!!

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I will PM you so I’m not hijacking this thread. :wink:

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