Trouble with selling any advice?

Any advice or ways I can become better?

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You may be painting too thick. It takes practice and time!!

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Ok noted! Thank you!

You have to use many many layers of very thin paint. No rushing. But your babies are sweet nonetheless…xo

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Practice, practice, practice :slight_smile: There are lots of free tutorials online to help with whatever you need help with. Always learning something new

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Yeah the Layla kit by Andrea Arcello I did a few months back I think I could do better now! The other two are recent!
And all 3 hair painting was recent as my first time! I was proud …lol but I need advice from another view! Thanks again


If I may, since you ask:

  • less is more: thinner paint, very thing trimmed to a few bristles brush for a hair painting, blend colors on blushing and creases, veins should not be too prominent, less red on the lips;
  • eyelashes needs to be trimmed - they are too unrealistically long;
  • use varnish to reduce the shine;

If you will trim eyelashes and reduce the shine your babies already will start to look better.
The hair painting will come with practice.

Please take is as a healthy criticism and base to grow, as so many people ask for advices and then defend themselves as they feelings get hurt. Hugs :hugs:


Looking good! My suggestion would be to make the white tips on the nails a lot thinner.

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I really appreciate it! Thank you!:slight_smile: I love your honesty as I am very honest my self no worries!


Oh wow good tip, I myself am not big on the white tips but I thought that’s what people like… they could be lighter now that I’m looking! Thank you :blush:

Your nail tips are nice and even. They’ll look more realistic if the line is a little thinner and the color not quite so white. Sometimes putting a layer of flesh over the white will do the trick without having to re-do them. I do my nail tips a little lighter than my own real ones. As for lashes, the wispy baby lashes from Bountiful Baby look like real baby lashes. The other kinds are too thick for newborns. The eyes on the little one in the red dress make her look a little bug-eyed. A size or two larger would show less white and look more realistic. What brand of paints are you using?


Oh thank you! Yeah at first I made the nail tips lighter but I think after working on the dolls for hours and staring at them looking for mistakes the lines didn’t seem dark enough…lol
As far as the paints I use Honey Buns waterborne air dry paints!

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First I would like to say it takes a lot of bravery to put yourself out there as an artist especially among your peers.

Everyone paints differently, we all have our own style. Some people do vintage babies with rosey cheeks, shaded eyes, deeply painted lips, thicker eyelashes, they are reminiscent of old composition dolls. There are people who go for hyperrealism, some that do alternative or fantasy babies…
Your style develops as you paint. Someone once said you can master anything if you give it 10,000 hours. Ok not all of us have 10K hours to give to anything but not all of us need to “master” reburying. That being said, this hobby takes a lot of practice to get to a place where you can sell a baby.

Not everyone is aware of that and that is why you see babies for all kinds of prices at all skill levels on selling platforms. In my opinion not all those babies are ready for prime time but it takes courage to find out.

A good baby starts with a good foundation. By that I mean an understanding of what you want to accomplish and what it takes to make that happen. Anyone can paint a baby but not everyone is going to be a prototype artist.

If these babies were just for you, your collection, I would say “great job, they are sweet you can see you put some effort in to trying to capture realism”

If you were going to try to sell these babies, as business…I would say,

Get a kit that is inexpensive, very cheap. Start from the beginning and go very slow. You need to master subtle layers. Each layer slowly building on the next, thin layers. Bake in between layers but only if you are very happy with that layer, if not, wipe it off an try again.

Forget about hair right now, just concentrate on getting smooth skin tones, pouncing those layers in. You are staining the vinyl more than you are “Painting” it. Think of putting on make up, a little goes a long way. You want to build color.

I have been doing this for a while (not as long as many of the ladies here) and I still go back to my favorite tutorials when I feel “stuck”.

You are getting there you just need to practice a bit more and feel out what your style is, play with color and shading, experiment with lightly layering. You are on your way to making some beautiful babies.

We are all in this together and this is a very generous group of ladies willing to share what they have learned. Keep asking.


Thank you for the encouragement! At first I really expected the two boys I recently did to sell a little faster, so I am very curious as to why. As far as Layla (the girl) I made her a few months ago I understand that one was a little heavy on everything…lol I think I will try one around that complexion again!
I’m also curious if the photos had something to do with how they appear because their not shiny in person! From the advice I have been getting I can see where I need to practice though! :heart:


Don’t give up----practice is your best teacher! Go for ‘thin’ layers, building color as you go, don’t try to ‘paint’ the baby. Watch lots of YouTube tutorials for reborning with ‘air dry’ paints. Good Luck, this hobby takes time to become efficient, you’ll get there!!


When you do eyebrows, you don’t want just one swipe of color across the brow bone, but individual hairs. On the the inside of the brow the hairs are a little more upright, but gradually lay over and point towards the outside of the face. A lot of people use prisma pencils to get a thinner line and more control. Or if you want to try painting them, use a brush with very few hairs on it. I tried to edit your picture a bit to show how she might look with some of the suggestions given- eyebrow hairs, shorter lashes, bigger eyes. I did this drawing with my finger on the phone so not the greatest but maybe it would give you the general idea…


One thing. Don’t bake Waterborne paints.

I get what your saying! Funny thing is I tried to do the thin hair on eyebrows and they kind of looked like one swipe…lol But they are actually brush strokes going up! Sometimes the pencil looks to dark when I do it though. I will try the pencil again though! And I made need to alter my already skinny brush?! Thank you! :slight_smile:

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It helps to practice eyebrows on a piece of paper until you get the hang of it.