Trouble Selling... Is there anything wrong with my dolls?

Hi Everyone,
My dolls Noel and Eloisa are up for sale for quite a long time now (Noel is up for sale for four months and Eloisa for three). :cry: I try everything I can to advertise them. They are listed on both, Ebay and They are $700 each. Is this too much? image image image image image image image image image

Is there something wrong with either of them? Should I fix something? Maybe pictures? Since Christmas is right around the corner I’m looking forward to finding them a new home. Please share some tips. Thank You in advance. :grinning:


It is super slow for me right now and mine are sitting… priced between $250-$350… I have no advice… like I said mine arent selling either


So sorry for you too :cry:. I don’t know what causes that. Maybe the market is just overflowing with dolls.


Same for me. I sell one here and there, some are sitting for almost a year. I have two on layaway. It’s not a price thing, mine are ranged between 250 and 600$.


Personally I think they are adorable. But 700$ I expect prototype quality. Not saying they are bad. But I would do 450$ or so. But that’s just me.

All my babies aren’t moving. So I feel for you

All of these and not one buyer. Highest is 450.

This is why I’m getting out.

I’m done.



Its not you. Its not your dolls. Its the market.


Are you quitting reborning? :pensive:

Most likely. I’m planning to finish the stash of sculpts I have and stopping. I can’t make them if they don’t sell.

:cry: So sorry for you. I understand. You can’t make them if you can’t sell. Kits are very expensive.

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Ive never had a hard time selling until this year. I’ve even had one of my dolls used on tv.

I think it’s the scam sites. To be honest


I love them both. Unfortunately, it’s a competitive market and it’s harder to sell at a higher price point. As an artist, I can appreciate the time spent creating them and think the price is reasonable. Sadly, most of the collectors these days are looking for cheap and don’t care about the quality. It’s very disappointing.


My Rosalie sold last weekend. But the rest are just sitting. One is $375, one is $500, and one is $700. I’m not willing to lower their prices yet. So I guess they can just keep sitting. :woman_shrugging:t2:


Try dressing them up in Christmas outfits and relist them. With it being closer to Christmas, maybe that will help.


The market is flooded with reborns!


I just took a long look around… there are some REALLY nice babies available for under 350.00! It’s hard to compete with higher prices… unless someone is looking for a particular sculpt, people can find beautiful dolls at the 350 price range. So many artists making dolls these days! People price low just to sell( unless you have built a name and have a following) I sell for less now than I used to in the past, my higher priced dolls just sit.


If I was to buy any doll listed there today… (with no price limit) , the doll I would of chosen was 325 plus shipping. Beautiful work, great price. It’s a jungle out there!


Slowest Christmas selling season ever, but yeah, the market is overrun.

I’ve had a good run, so if it’s over, I can’t complain.


I would say the price is a bit high. Eloisa is a tough sell. I love mine, but she is ugly-cute and I knew going in she would sit. I priced mine around $600 and there is barely any interest in her. I also have a beautif Kate for $285 that has sat forever, yet my mediocre Gabriel, Faith, and Caleb all sold this week. :woman_shrugging:


Those are nice babies.

I swear I sell babies easily and I am super grateful but for the last couple weeks it has been pretty quite in reborn land. Not sure what is going on. Maybe people are waiting for Christmas bonus checks…or for The hustle and bustle of Thanksgiving to be over?


That sucks. The same work, less money.

Fingers crossed we just haven’t hit the holiday sweet spot yet.


It’s okay, that’s why I don’t reborn as much anymore. Just when the spirit hits me!