Trouble pasting 'img' from

I copy the img and paste to my message and all I get is the img code. What am I doing wrong? I have done it before…geeeez!

Oh, poo…I did it. Anyway, look above and see my Christmas ‘‘Kinsey’’ now Haven. What do you all think…One day left and only one bid…I thought she was a good on
e…boo hoo…keep on tryin" BJ

when you paste all you will see is the code until you click preview or submit.

lol, after i did it, i realized i was only getting half the code…i get so worked up…stressed…thanks… i think you have helped me before. must think i am dense…i appreciate it…barb

She’s cute! Good luck with her auction. I think Ebay is pretty slow right now too.

Thank you. Your little one is a cutie,too!!! I have a 'meg ’ that is almost ready to go ebay. I sure hope she does better…Good Luck…Barb