Trouble letting go

Does anyone else have trouble letting go of their reborn? I donated one to my husband’s christmas party as a give-a-way,but it was so hard to hand her over! I just wanted to grab her and run!(If my husband wouldn’t have been there,I might have tried it!) lol BTW, my husband is a sheriffs deputy, and he probably would have arrested me. lol

I’ve only sold one baby and I still miss her and think about her all the time.

Well, after reborning and selling as many as I have now over the years, usually I no longer have this issue. It gets easier and easier as you see them go. After selling well over a 100 babies it gets like anything else.
But right now for the very first time I have reborn a Tamie Yarie Max and have fallen totally and madly in love with him. I do not want anyone else to have him. I bought all extra special stuff for him too. I don’t think he could get any cuter. I keep going and picking him up and ooing and ahhhing over him. Now this is a first for me. I just can’t really afford to keep any baby I reborn. I do have a Samiah kit I bought from Tamie and I will be making that one for myself. I love that kit as well. Oh the thought of a pair of those babies. Argh this is going to be extremely hard for me. Can I do it? Can I make myself part with him? LOL

LOL they can’t afford my babies! LOL But what a thought. Thanks…

He isn’t done totally yet. I have to still give him lashes and hair. Only has lightly painted downy hair. Will give him lashes and take a couple of pictures of him. Those two are my very favorite Tamie Yarie babies to date. I thought only Samiah was my favorite so I had ordered two of her kits, but now I really love Max as well and had only ordered one of him. May have to buy another one if I come across another kit.