Trouble curing baby


I have a problem…I have done 4 babies prior to the two I am currently working on and have not had this problem…Everytime I put a wet Q-tip on baby to check it comes out with a touch of color on it…I have baked the limbs several “Extra” times and it still is coming off. What do I need to do now??? Thanks!



I would try stripping off all paint layers and giving the kit a good bath. Then start with a layer of genesis matte varnish before starting any colors. Good luck!!


Make sure your oven temp is high enough and try to bake a little longer than 8 min like maybe 10. I use a turkey roaster and I have to turn it up to 257 and bake for 10 min to get the paint to cure properly.


What kit are you doing? I recently had a problem with a Middleton kit and Secrist just sent me an email about their kits; there is too much oil or release agent in the vinyl on some kits. Sometimes it will show oily but other times it simply will not let the paint adhere. I never could get the Middleton kits face to hold the paint even after stripped, washed, sealed w/ varnish first, baked extra- nothing worked. In that event, call the supplier!


Can it be the time you bake them?