Tristan's feet

Tristan’s feet are hilarious! Love it! My son had long feet like this, he is only 3 years old and wears a size 12 shoe.

They are really long and I was a little startled when I first took him out of the box…but I’ve come to love them and think I may have to get another when they go on sale and do him in different tones. I have really fallen hard for that little face. It kinda has to grow on you but WATCH OUT…it will!!!

I like the fact that more and more we are getting sculpts with realistically sized hands and feet. The feet those newborn shoes will actually fit.

I didn’t know that had been a problem before, so I’m glad to hear it changed. One of the reasons I stopped buying from A-D was they’d use the same mold for dolls, change the sex, clothe it differently, and sell it again as a different doll. I shipped several back because once a doll had a flaw like oversize hands, all the others from that artist would be the same. No thanks!

That is really a cute picture. Love the feet.

I LOVE THEM !!! So cute and real looking !

I guess I wouldn’t say it was a problem as much as it is just unrealistic. Newborn babies usually have somewhat large feet. Majority of the kits have under-sized feet. (I want those cute baby shoes to fit )