I have just finished sculpting these little ones today, what do you think?




You SCULPTED them??? Holy cow. I loved them when I thought it was a kit. You are phenomenal!

Bravo!!!they are ALL ADORABLE!!!

Thank you for the kind words:-) No they won’t be reproduced. No I don’t have your address;-) No i’m joking:-D

They’re adorable! I love their toes.

I love, love, love them!!! Please, please, please have them made into kits!!! They are fabulous!

I love them too! PLEASE KITS, PLEASE!!!

Wow they are gorgeous!! You are a very gifted lady! TDF!!

Thank you:-) THey measure approximately 17 inches. Sorry, but they won’t be made into kits.

Oh they are wonderful! They won’t be kits? BUMMER! That is the first yawning baby I have seen that I liked because it has both eyes open a bit and not just one!

Well just send me that yawning one and I will be happy!

I love Lucy. Could you Pm me about her?

I dont understand why when someone has wonderful sculpts like this that they would NOT make them into kits if they could -are they worth more than you would get as kit Royalties (or what ever it is )

Wow - the triplets are amazing!!

They are georges, I love all of there expreshions, they are so very very life like. wel done. awsome. if they ever get made into kits I would buy like 6 of each LOL, great job

I wouldn’t even know how you go about making a sculpt inot a kit? Does anyone on here know?

What do you mean you just finished sculpting them? Like did you get up this morning, eat your cheerios and say to yourself: “Self, let’s sculpt three beautiful lifelike babies?” Then you had them done by lunch? What the heck? With my arthritic knees I haven’t walked the stiffness out by 11:09 am!

Bottle some of that talent and sprinkle it over this dolly forum will ya?

Great work, great babies, talented individual!

i want them…all. especially liam, but all are super super cute!

They are all so adorable, You have so much talent.

  Hugs Tina

They are Precious.
I love Lucy!
All three have Beautiful facial expressions, Very nice work.

They are so amazing!