do you think these would make good triplets lol i wish i could have got the sleeping one but i missed out on it. i am going back to walmart tomorrow to see if they have anymore in. just thought i would share this picture with you i thought it was cute. marlene


yes, i think they would! you could always hold out for the sleeping one if you want the three different expressions, but i’m sure you could make these three look great as a set. You could always paint little differences on the ones with the same face to make them unique so that they still look different from one another. Plumper lips, eyebrow shape, birthmark, freckle(s) ~ any of those things will make them stand apart!


Thoes triplets are ADORABLE!!! Have fun with them.


My Walmart doesn’t have them. I got mine at Kmart. I got the one you have 2 of. I wasn’t sure if I liked the smiley one. I haven’t seen the sleeping one and would like to. I would hold out for a different 3rd one too.


sniff, sniff, i have yet to see one around here sniff, sniff…

if anyone goes to their store and there is one i would be willing to pay plus shipping

are they hard to do? i never did a store baby.



what do you do for bodies?


Did you really get them at Walmart, or did you mean Kmart? I do not have a kmart within 50 mile sof my home, but have several Walmarts. Will check them out if some have found them at Walmart. Anyone find them there?? Nancy


i am heading to walmart in a bit and will check again:) all my store has is cabbage patch kids…


i have yet to see them in my kmart either,lol… kmart is only about 5 min from my walmart so maybe i will check.


We probably won’t get them here in Australia for another year or 2

I looked in my Kmart here and nah nada nothing…they have a heap of barbie, bratz, crap like that, only baby dolls are little Mommy and baby born ( my DD would kill me if I touch her baby born lol)
no berenguer or bejusa(sp?) here at all…ripped off


yes i got them at walmart here in canada i am off to go there right now to see if they have any more i would love to get the sleeping one.


I don’t think KMart is selling any of the sleeping eyed ones, the berenguer
company has the 3 but wants quite a bit more for them. It might be worth it to buy the sleeper from the company to add to the others for a set of triplets.


i just got in from our walmart and they had another shipment in lots of these and a lot of other berenguers it must be getting ready for christmas i did buy another but cannot find the sleeping one, lots of the two expressions non sleeping . these are at st catharines in ontario. just thought i would let you know , i guess for some people it would be a long day trip. marlene

question are they dressed the same as the k mart ones with the onsie and hat .? and what did you pay for them.


They are very cute?