do you think these would make good triplets lol i wish i could have got the sleeping one but i missed out on it. i am going back to walmart tomorrow to see if they have anymore in. just thought i would share this picture with you i thought it was cute. marlene

My Walmart doesn’t have them. I got mine at Kmart. I got the one you have 2 of. I wasn’t sure if I liked the smiley one. I haven’t seen the sleeping one and would like to. I would hold out for a different 3rd one too.

sniff, sniff, i have yet to see one around here sniff, sniff…

if anyone goes to their store and there is one i would be willing to pay plus shipping

are they hard to do? i never did a store baby.


what do you do for bodies?

i am heading to walmart in a bit and will check again:) all my store has is cabbage patch kids…

i have yet to see them in my kmart either,lol… kmart is only about 5 min from my walmart so maybe i will check.

yes i got them at walmart here in canada i am off to go there right now to see if they have any more i would love to get the sleeping one.

i just got in from our walmart and they had another shipment in lots of these and a lot of other berenguers it must be getting ready for christmas i did buy another but cannot find the sleeping one, lots of the two expressions non sleeping . these are at st catharines in ontario. just thought i would let you know , i guess for some people it would be a long day trip. marlene

question are they dressed the same as the k mart ones with the onsie and hat .? and what did you pay for them.