Traveling Pants Round 3


I would like to pull out as well. Maybe someone can take my place too. :slightly_smiling_face:


Prayers :pray:t2:


Sorry you are going through that. Prayers. :heart:


@dinokc @jlesser @Kate @Tungaro thank you girls I appreciate the moral support and prayers! It’s very scary right now, I have been praying my butt off.


I will help and pray my butt off for you too! @Renauta427


I’m sorry to hear that. Wow that’s horrible but I hope he keeps his job.


My husband lost his job July 24. He is our only income provider and with his job went our insurance. It was bigger than we were capable of handling. We put it in God’s hands and followed His guidance. He is good! We haven’t missed a meal or a payment, and we are closing on our house next week. We had to make adjustments of course, but things are going to be fine with us and they will be with you as well if you just let Him have control. Just remember that what is insurmountable for you is a piece of cake for Him. My husband and I have been referring to this journey as our Red Sea. Everything really does happen for a reason. I will keep you in my prayers.


@Anne thank you :blush:
@Theara thank you so much, me too!
@heartstringsnursery thank you for the inspiration. This is exactly what I was telling my husband today, maybe this isn’t where God wants us. We will sell our house worst case scenario as well. I think we have ourselves in a better mind frame than earlier today. It’s scary but I am trying to put it in His hands.
I appreciate all the prayers and support :purple_heart:


It definitely does get better, my husband’s now job is better than his last, better benefits and all. It was scary, but we held on and something great came about.


I sure hope your husband doesn’t lose his job. Is the job situation bad in other places? What kind of work does he do? Things are great here they are begging people to come to work.


@dinokc thank you, I appreciate the encouragement!
@babymaw Thank you, we live in Columbus, Ohio it’s a thriving city with tons of work. He is a car hauler truck driver and has the top job in his field. He has only had it for 6 months and we are just hoping it doesn’t all go away because good trucking jobs like this are few and far between. They all say one thing and then the reality is much different.


As many trucks as there are on the road you would think he wouldn’t be scared to lose his job.


@Renauta427 I’m praying for you!!!
@heartstringsnursery I loved that you shared that… so inspirational :heart:


Most dont pay well unfortunately. There are plenty of jobs just lots of work for little pay.


Thanks Nikki :blush:


I would recommend Amazon but that’s an extremely hard and thankless jobs. Hundreds of packages a day and minutes between them.


I love Amazon but there’s not enough money on the planet to get me to work there.


Did I miss something ? unless I punched in the wrong tracking number this package was intercepted .


@ashleyfox98 hope everything is okay.


I see that. What the heck does that mean?