Traveling Pants Round 3


It is specialty yarn, thick and soft



Use a bigger hook.

The blanket in the pictured is a knitted pattern, but every other blanket that I’ve made for the boxes has been the pattern in the link.


I was just going to ask who was responsible for the blanket. Great work, it’s gorgeous!


Thank you!


ME NEXT! ME NEXT! Sounding like a big kid. So excited to be participating!:heart_eyes:


If you have an A.C. Moore near you, it’s usually $10 full price, but I use a 40% off coupon and one skein is enough for a blanket.


I was wondering how many skeins or ounces you used, that blanket is so pretty!


The box is on the move! 9405503699300302017774

@colee1970 it is heading your way!!


ACK!!! Really??? Heeheehee awesome!!


I have a Michael’s nearby and it’s 40% off a single item with the coupon.


I’m hoping it comes before 8 tonight!


I’m guessing… no?


I’m supposed to get the box tomorrow. I’ll let y’all know. I have clinical though tomorrow night so I may not get to go through the box until late Monday night or Tuesday morning.


I thought it was going to naenae before you… ???


I have no idea… she said it was coming to me lol


Nope. The USPS has been my frenemy for many years hehe.


These boxes are ful of surprises! Even who they go to and when they will arrive!!! Lmao :laughing:


LOL so true!! I guess I will find out tomorrow if it shows up LOL


Hi Ladies, I apologize for the confusion. The box is being delivered to @colee1970 today and then it will go to @Naneebabies. I apologize for my recent disorganization, I’ve had a lot going on at home over the last two weeks. I’ve decided to carry another surrogate baby for the couple that I carried for last year, which comes with a ton of appointments and paperwork, we just bought a second vehicle last week, a teenager that I once had custody of is now pregnant and I’ve been helping her with Dr.'s appointments and buying maternity and baby clothing, and my regular day-to-day routine is normally pretty full with 3 kids and my job. I’m getting back on track now and will aim for no more mix-ups! :slight_smile: Thank you all for your patience with me while I juggle my crazy responsibilities.


You are amazing. I would give any organ in my body to have a surrogate. I finally gave up on my own baby . I need to get serious about fostering. You are fulfilling someone’s dreams… how amazing is that.