Traveling Pants Round 3


Everything is beautiful!


Thank you!! :slight_smile:


How cute!!! Omg… That Caterpillar set is my favorite!! :heart_eyes:


Adorable haul. Everything is precious. And that blanket is beautiful. :heart:️️


Thanks! I made the blanket! :slight_smile: I usually knit or crochet a blanket to go with each of the reborns that I make. That yarn is sooooo soft.


Ashley did you make the blanket?


I did! I actually designed the pattern as well, last summer on vacation. :slight_smile:


Beautiful! That was the 1st item that caught my eye!


That is sooooo amazing I am so excited for you😍


How long does it take u to make a blanket?


Am I in this round?


About 4-6 hours. I work at a call center, so it takes 1-2 8 hour shifts if I’m doing it at work in between typing.


What awesome stuff. This is me right now, lol!


Get more stuff from the box. Huge hauls this round hehe! I’m living vicariously through you and love the cute stuff you picked!


Oh your fast! That’s amazing and they beautiful


For real? It takes me like 365 DAYS for a blanket!

I can do a hat in about 5 hours… lol


Well I have a little secret for the blankets. I use this extra soft plush yarn that is super bulky with a large hook/needles. It’s very soft for babies, but it works up VERY quickly.

This is the yarn along with a very easy pattern:


How many ounces did you use? @ashleyfox98


Is that what the above blanket is?

(I tried to make a baby outfit with the large soft baby yarn once and I crochet tooooo tight) lol


Good grief, yarn has become expensive! I’m a hoarder. It’s been a long time since I had to buy any. :grin: