Traveling Pants Round 3


Enjoy :heart_eyes:I found so many treasures as well, this was so much fun wasn’t it​:star_struck:


I love this too. I added a bunch of stuff, not too sure of what exactly anyone would want. I’m really happy to see that people are able to use items I’ve added.


Can you post another pic or two with the stuff spread out more so we can see what you actually got? And of course so we can see if anything we put in was chosen :grin:


Very much fun, I will be sending it out today for our next member to find wonderful treasures!


Yes give me a few I am packing the box now. Lol


I put to use an outfit I got from the traveling pants box already. I think it was from @babymaw? Thank you, I love it.


Oh my goodness, how absolutely precious! It’s prefect with her little pout!


So adorable!


Thank you, @ashleyfox98 and @GrammysReborns. :blush: This was a very easy kit to paint. Vinyl was a nice color already and took paint beautifully.


I was just over there looking LOL I wanted to see her POSES!


I loved you stuff and you definitely helped round my supplies out, thanks!


Oh my goodness I want her! She is beautiful! If I had not bought one this month already or had the extra money laying around she would join my family :slight_smile:


I can’t wait to start on mine, yours is soooooooo cute!


Okay ladies, here are my pics, there was so much to choose from and I made a pig of my self!


Wow very nice haul!




How cute glad you posted a picture. It feels good to give something that someone can use.


Everything in the box is so nice, so much fun to look through and I love the knitted item some of my favorite things as well as these sweet outfits, I hope @Anne enjoys her Traveling box opening!! It has been mailed and should have it no later than Tuesday, with the Priority Mail!!


Oh my! such a wonderful haul! I love the little knit sacks :slight_smile:


I better go shopping to get some things!!! It looks like y’all are out doing yourselves!!! :kiss::heart:️:grinning: