Traveling on plane with reborns?


I asked my mom to bring her megan that was my first reborn with her when she flys out to see me. Then i can make another one to compare as in a previous post @DollyPardon. She’s having a fit. I told her to put it in her suitcase, no big deal. I tried to persuade her to carry on,ah no, not happening. I see no problem with the suitcase. Does anyone have experience with this and is there any problems you’ve encountered? I told her if she gets flagged by TSA and she makes the news, maybe i’ll start some business!


We all fly to the ROSE doll show with our reborns and it’s not a problem. Some ladies carry their babies on the plane, I carry mine in my overnight case. Sometimes they will take the doll out and run a swab over their legs and arms just to make sure there is no sign of explosives. Just let them know you have a “doll” in the case. I also take samples of the glass beads and ployfil to show what she is stuffed with, just in case. I wouldn’t want them to take the head off just to see that she isn’t dangerous!! It shouldn’t be a problem.


I took 1 with me before on a trip, plane. I had him in the suitcase that I checked in. On my way back home, they must had went through my bag. It was not the same as I packed it. The last time, I just had the doll head. I took it to work on rooting while my daughter was at work. I had the head in my carry on bag. Didn’t have any problems.


My daughter ( 14 y ) had in her carry on two of them while traveling to Europa ( they were gifts ) I just packaged with them my care instruction and a brochure that what are reborns .


Let’s hope she changes her mind, carries her on, gets questioned by police, all while reporters are right there too. You’d be famous! :joy:


I’ve taken a baby on a plane twice. The first time I had it in a baby carrier so my hands would be free. There was a collective gasp behind me when I took off the baby carrier, with the baby in it, and put it in the bin. This baby was scanned, swabbed and strip searched (seriously). The second time I took one I put it in a bag, told them it was a doll that looked like a baby and they never even questioned it. I think it just depends on the TSA agent.


The last 2 times I have flown Southwest Airlines I had a baby in my luggage and both times they did check - they undid the ribbon, blanket, and left it undone - they put a tag in my bag letting me know they had checked my bag. Only thing I can figure is they thought I may have had drugs inside the doll. The first time I thought it was a fluke random check but not 2 times in a row. Next time I will let them know up front if I carry one.


I flew with a reborn. You get a carry on, and one small carry on item, so I had him as my small item instead of putting him in my checked luggage. I gave him a separate bin at TSA. TSA got some laughs out of him, and gave him a quick scan outside the big machine. It was fast, smooth, they were careful with him, and they handed him right back to me when they were done with him. On the actual plane I just tucked him up in overhead storage on top of my bag. All was well. I think that is the best way to get one on a plane if you’re only taking one.


I had no problem with mind go to rose everyone one was amazed and the people that worked at the airport they run it though the scanner


Exactly!!! That’s what I’m thinking. On second thought, our family has a cloud that looms over us. The whole family has bad luck, I’ll probably get hate mail or taken away by men in white coats.:mask:


I think they might thought the doll had drugs was because of the glass beads that’s in the doll.


I had one that was scanned, swabbed and strip searched. The next one just went through the scanner with no problem. I think it depends on the TSA agent.


Mine always gets flagged when it goes through the scanner (I warn the TSA agent before I put it through so they don’t get a shock when they pull it out haha). And then it gets swabbed quickly and I’m on my way. Everyone has been very gentle with my babies and I pass out a lot of business cards this way as well!