Trade with becky


Becky and I made a trade, she needed some preemie diapers and in trade she made Libby a beautiful tutu. Here is a picture of Libby in her new tutu.


giggle, giggle, she looks so cute in her tutu.


the flowers are a nice touch : )


I like the flowers too! Good trade… BTW, I was at CVS yesterday and got 50 of the CVS brand diapers in a size 1 for $2.22… They are apparently closing them out in all of their stores…


And my back hurts too much to get to town. Calling my daughter with a job for her on her lunch break…if she gets one or after work if she doesn’t…I need newborn, preemie if they have them and more size 1’s. Found out that the tiny micro preemie diapers are too little for Caleb’s leg bumps so I’m going to try regular preemie.

I love that tutu! Great idea with the flowers. You are making me drool again, Debora!


Thank you ladies I will need some more diapers some day. I always look for coupons.