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If you notice, under the ‘Activity’ field, There are two columns each with different time amounts. The left side column is when the topic was created. And the right side column is when the most recent post within the topic was posted.

However, I took this snapshot of a topic before there were any replies.

Although there was no other replies at the time, The topic was created ‘12m’ ago, but, whereas there were no replies, the ‘1m’ was when the topic had been edited last.

When your inside the topic, you might see this sometimes. :

Click on the orange number/pencil to see who it’s been edited by.

@pia, does this help at all?

I have ‘Pinned’ the first three topics ‘Discontinued kits’, Out of stock kits’ and ‘Countries we ship to’. So those three will automatically be listed at the top when you first come to the forum or anytime you click the Bountiful Baby LOGO to return to the home screen of the forum (which just brings you to the LATEST tab), similar to how those three topics stayed at the top on the old forum. However, once you click on the ‘Activity’ field, they will reorder with the most recent activity.

Also notice,

you see a little next to the star pointing downwards. If you click on that pin icon, it’ll fold, such as:

When the pin is folded The topic will no longer stay at the top on the topic list on your account. And this is remembered for everytime you log in, it will no longer be ‘Pinned’ to the top of the topic list. Although, I have ‘Pinned’ those topics, you still are able to choose whether you’d like them to appear at the top of the list.

@emilybb The forum is very “unfriendly” getting rid of a the “unreads” (that I really had read before the forum changed) will be very helpful! And this post is in complete the wrong place from where I was responding! Sorry.

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Yes, I hope this helps others too!! Thank you for bringing these questions up!