Top quality Angora for sale


Pics here - … ery/ooaks/
Hi I have 2 bundles of top quality mohair for sale, left over from batches that I processed today.

1st is 45 grams/1.5 ounces of gorgeous silky soft shiny yearling, med brown. All combed sorted and ready to use. quite long so would suit a toddler type doll. Looking for uk £35. shipping in the U.k £2, anywhere else £4.

Nxt is 17 grams/0.5 ounces of black fine adult that I use for my monkeys. Although it is courser than yearling and I do not advice to use on a baby doll…primate’s only, it is still very silky and soft. As you can see from the pic’s it does not come in locks, but is loose and ready to use, just pulls apart ready to use.

Looking for £15 for this bundle. shipping in the U.k £2, anywhere else £4

Thanks for looking, Gemma xxx