Too light?

As a newbie, I’m wondering if it ever seems like the coloring is too light? I’ve made it through the mottling & veining stages and have added 2 layers of skin. She just seems SO pale. I used Flesh 08 as directed by the video I’m following and don’t have any of the darker colors right now. Guess I’ll continue and see what happens unless someone has another idea?

Do you have burnt umber or a red/or premixed blush?

I always use Flesh 06 sometimes 05.

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Can you post a picture? You may need more layers than the video suggests. And if you don’t have burnt umber in your stash, you need to get it.


I do have burnt umber and have not done the blush step yet. Will that do the magic?

A burnt umber wash will warm as well as darken him up. I typically add a red or pinkish color to my flesh to eliminate the need for warming washes at all.

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I use flesh 06 and do warming washes with burnt number.


If you haven’t blushed yet, your baby should look pretty light. If you like the basic skin tone go ahead and blush and shade. You can add washes later too. They don’t have to be done until you are sure you need them. Watch it when you blush. That’s when a baby can easily become too red. I have that problem and I go through a LOT of earth mint! LOL

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I was thinking a warm wash may be needed.

I was waiting for some good, natural light this afternoon to really evaluate. I ordered a few colors and we will just see what happens :smile:

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The color won’t show cuz…cell phone photo but I owe it to you, Helen, to at least prove I’m working :smile:

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Hahahaha…I second that! :smile:


Warm blush is very red and dark. Because it sounds sweet and cozy, new reborners are tempted to use it. It’ll warm your doll up all right! She’ll turn into a sunburned mess!

Your veins etc. look really good! I would probably use an umber wash on this baby unless I was going for strawberries and cream. If you do it, keep it light and pounce it well. It should barely change the color at all. I know I said all this yesterday. Forgive me for repeating myself, I"m old, LOL!

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Are you having fun? Is that my sweetheart in the background?? (The background is blurry so I can’t be sure.) :blush:

YaHOOOOO!!! You know that step that is used often in tutorials where “the baby really starts to come alive”? The Burnt Umber wash DID THAT for my poor, pale baby!!!

It IS Miss Bella! She’s keeping me company - and helping to teach me what to do :heart:

I tol d you! Isn’t it amazing?

I am doing a strawberries and cream version of the Harley kit. It’s hard to leave that burnt umber off!!

I managed to get a kit and I am doing a new doll like Bella. Of course it’s unlikely she’ll look anything like Bella, but I love that kit and want one to keep. I’m not a collector, but I have promised myself I can have two babies this year, just for me. She’s going to be one. I’m not sure who the other is. I’ll have to fall in love.