Toddler Reference pics (warning,Lots!)

Uggghhhh…that is the part of reborning I like the least …hair rooting…ugghhh

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I’ve only rooted one teeny tiny little head, And it was quite sparse too. He’s got an old man hairstyle. It’s thick in the back and really thin on top :laughing:

hahahahahaha! That is funny…I bet he is cute though.

He was my first baby, I don’t think he’s too bad, But I’ve definitely improved a lot since him.

I know you are getting better and better…I have been watching your post when you put pictures up…Your babies have personality…They are really sweet and adorable… :smile:

Thank you so much! I love reborning,And I’m glad I found this forum. I wouldn’t have ever had the courage to even try reborning at all. And now, I’ve just pre-ordered my first kit, And I’ve sold a few. So I’m really enjoying it a lot!

I finally sent your hair DC!!! But it will take 15-20 days to get to you!!! I hope you like it!!! I sent a bunch- all colors​:smiley::heart:


Your are so lucky to be able to start out so young and to already be selling your babies…that is Amazing…Will be watching to see your next little creation!

Thank you so much!

Thanks! I’ve sold 2 so far. I sold the second baby I made and then her mom ordered a custom baby from me!
I’m so excited to share my newest baby with everyone! But she isn’t quite done yet! I think she’s definitely the best I’ve done yet. And I really like her a lot


He is adorable. You did a good match for him. Will be waiting for some pictures.

More pics of my sweet little guy. Tried to get lots of close ups of skintone and mottling.


What a little cutie he is!!! soooooooooooooooo sweet!

I love him!!! What a good model he is!!!

He was really good about letting me take his pics. I was hoping he would nap,Since I didn’t sleep at all last night. And he was here at 7:30 am.
But his sister is very healthy! Just 3 more weeks!


Whoa! That is amazing!! I really thought that was your child (Living)!!! You are sooo talented!!

He’s a real baby lol He’s my nephew :laughing:

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If he was a doll, I wouldn’t have had to get up so early this morning :laughing:


Just this morning :slight_smile: While his mommy was at the doctor.

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