Toddler Reference pics (warning,Lots!)

I babysat my sweet nephew today :slight_smile: And managed to get some good pics of him. Hope these help with your toddler dolls :blush:


He’s adorable! I love him!

Handsome little guy thanks for pictures.

Thanks! He’s going to be a big brother soon! Only 1 more month until the baby is here!


He is a beautiful little fella…Love his pale skin…so sweet

Thanks :slight_smile: He is a pale little guy.
I’m waiting for his sister to be born before I start his portrait baby. I have already picked out the perfect kit for him

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I bet she will be just as gorgeous as her brother…You must be really excited…I love babies!

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I am so excited! I can’t wait to meet her and spoil her just like I do with her big brother! I can’t wait to do portrait dolls of both of them!


That would be really cool…I hope you will post pics when you do them for us to see…I think your babies are so cute!!!

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I definitely will!
Aww,Thanks! That means a lot, I really love your babies! If I had any money I’d buy one for my collection for sure!

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You are so sweet…Thank you for saying that…I wish I was really rich and could just buy the kits and do them for people that loved them for free… that would be fun!

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Me too!
Here’s the kit I’m going to use for his portrait baby, What do you think? A good match?
This is an old pic of him, When he was about 8 months old


Oh my goodness, that is PERFECT!!! It’s a great match…it almost looks like he modelled for the sculpter…(I love Sandy Faber’s kits…they are always so cute and chubby…)

I thought it was perfect too! I can’t wait to show his mom!

She’ll be over the moon when you get it done and show her then…I need to do some of my grandkids one day…I never seem to have the time to do them for myself though…maybe when I retire from reborning (if I can ever retire…heehee)


Yeah :slight_smile: Especially when I have both of them done! We just found out last week that the baby was a girl! I was really hoping for a little girl so I could make dolls for her!
I have almost too much time! But not enough kits.The exact opposite of a lot of people on the forum :laughing:

hahaha! That was a funny but good comment…I think a lot of us are a bit older and when we get older, time goes by quicker…or maybe we are just slower and it seems like it goes by faster…

But also, I don’t really do much. So it feels like time goes super slowly lol. And by not doing much, I have tons of time to reborn. But no kits to work on :laughing:

If I lived near you, would come over and bring some kits and have some reborn parties with you…I have enough kits here to keep both of us in business for a very long time…lol

Lol! That sounds like fun! Too bad we don’t live close to you lol
I have no kits at all right now. I have 2 babies to root,So that should keep me busy for a while (once the hair actually gets here)