Toddler kit advice needed, please


How do you bake such large limbs? I haven’t tried it yet, but can they safely fit in a Nuwave oven? Or should I do airdry on this larger kit?

Where can I find and what kind of hair do you buy for toddler kits? What rooting needle is best for that hair?

Are there any good tutorials for reborning toddlers? If you know of any, I’d love for you to share.

I feel like I’m way out of my league with this kit. Next week I’ll be sewing so I don’t think I’ll start the kit today. I need time to research instructions on painting toddler kits anyway.
But that leads to the next question of, would any of you know the clothing and shoe size of little Emmy? In exchange for not starting the kit today, I had to promise my daughter I’d buy an outfit for Emmy…TODAY. Lol.

As always, thank you for any advice, tips or tricks. I couldn’t do what I do without you. :blush:


Clothes are 24 months or 2T.


Awesome! Ty!


I baked Julia in my nuwave oven. I think I did the head and two arms, then the two legs.

For hair, I bought human from Dolls So Real

I used 40g needle…kept breaking smaller ones, and the smaller ones didn’t always catch the hair


Most 18 months fits Emmy as well. My daughter’s is assembled but not yet painted. She has size 4 converse on her. Once I have her painted, I am going to be rooting her with the ponytail from the first time we undercut her hair to help tame the volume a couple years back. Wish me luck on that one. Lol


Did you need an extender ring? Eventually I want to get my daughters frankenbaby painted. (Hailey head on Emmy limbs)


I’m not sure. I think I bought my oven and it came with a ring…not sure if you’re meaning an extra ring?


Awesome, ty @Mommarobin for the link! I’m glad to know she may fit in my nuwave too. She is a big kit! Lol. Her head is bigger than my 8 yr olds.

I bought an extender ring off eBay when I started reborning. @TrinityCrystal you can probably find one there too.

I bought a pair of size 5 shoes today and they were too big. I’m thinking a 4 will fit perfectly.

It looks like my kit is really defective too. The head is crooked, and the limbs look odd. Guess I’ll have to try to fix that first. Lordy, Lordy. Lol.


I paint toddlers like any other babies. Just a little less mottling. Some toddlers have a lot of mottling and some don’t. It depends what tone you’re going for with her. This is my Liam Brownwith Preemie Blessing so you can see that they’re painted quite similarly other than the blushing.


Put her in hot water to get the shape back. This kit does look squished but isn’t defective. I think it is because of the size and the soft vinyl they look odd lots of space inside those limbs with nothing in them… If you are unhappy with her send her back I’ll refund you no problem/.


No I’m fine with her. The last time I received a kit like that I stuffed it with polyfil and baked it. It took the imperfections right out. By the time I bake her a million times and put beads and stuffing she will be fine. :blush:


Those are some beautiful babie!! They look so cute together!


Thanks! I thought they kinda looked like sisters so that’s why I posed them together before I finished Liam.


I bake the head and the arms together and then the legs next. I can’t fit it all together in my oven. As for rooting it depends on the hair and the hardness of the vinyl. I generally use a 42 gauge forked German needle. But the crown needles are good to. I buy regular kids clothing for my dolls. I find toddlers are so much fun to photograph. They all seem to have their own unique personality. Good luck with your little girl.

p.s. this fella is wearing a wig. Love the wigs!


He’s adorable!!! If I can find a wig that looks like what I have in mind for Emmy, I think I will go with a wig myself.


Thanks Tessa:)


I have Realborn Emmy too, can’t wait to see yours! @Tessa


I can’t wait to see yours too! I love your babies!


You know she will be an Alternative right? :nauseated_face::scream::wink:


Yep, sure do! Lol. I don’t have anything against alternatives. I actually like some of them. I think they are very cool to have in your collection if you’re a collector.