Toddler help

I am about to launch into my first toddler. I need to know how much mohair do I need to buy and how long should I get it I want one with long hair like my Carlee.

Ty Jan I want to root but I could take a wig apart right?

Most people buy human hair to root the toddlers. A lot get it from Sally’s.

I have tried long mohair, and I learned that mohair is too fine if you want a long full head of hair. Mine took forever to root, then it looked too sparse. I have not gone to the expense of human hair on a doll yet, but I have seen lots of it at Sally Beauty Supply. I have no idea what is a reasonable price or how much you need. When I use it, I will worry that despite lots of rooting it will look too thin. I am thinking about a real nice wig next time–but I love the natural look rooting gives reborns. Also, I have never heard of reborners using children’s wigs for the dolls. Maybe they do, but I would think that there are lots of suppliers that make a wig for dolls based on head size. I have seen it listed that a wig was used on ebay postings. There is a lady on Doll Fan that specializes in toddlers, and I pick her brain a lot.

P.S. I did my toddler with no armature, and I am here to tell you that was a waste of time. You need an armature to make it worthwhile to even make the doll. You cannot pose it without one. --At least I could not.

You would need human hair. I heard some people use delta dawn, but I don’t know how long it comes in. Plus, it’s very hard to buy any dd because she’s always sold out and doesn’t make a lot. Human hair is difficult to root. Good luck on your toddler. I am making a portrait toddler of my son, but am making his hair short, so I ordered slumberland yearling 1oz

Ty you ladies I guess I will go to Sally’s the next time I got to Jonesboro. I do not go unless I have to. We have had a bad spell of weather here and things are about to get back to normal.