Toddler Emmy WIP starting to get some hair, new pic


Emmy is just in need of her hair and lashes but starting to show herself


One of the cutest Emmy’s I’ve seen! I look forward to seeing her done


Omggggg I LOVE her…this is such an fun toddker kit…I can’t wait to see your work with her hair!


Fun! She is a cutie.


Oh just look at how precious she is already!! Can’t wait to see her hair! :heart_eyes:


thank you, i’ve just made a start but has been a hectic day for me, and can’t do anything tomorrow as I’m out of town. her head is lovely and soft so easy going so far.


She looks lovely!
Very big, though. I don’t know if I’ll ever get to a kit that big…


I’ve done a couple of toddlers but did get a bit of a shock when I saw how big she was hehe and I couldn’t see how she’d be until after I had put some paint on her and put her eyes in but she’s starting to look different again with the small amount of hair I’ve given her already