Today (7/20/22) the closeout "Kit of the Day" is Juliet, by Marissa May

Today the closeout “Kit of the Day” is Juliet, by Marissa May. As of the time of this writing, we have 25 left.

Yesterday morning the closeout “Kit of the Day” began with Kendal. Kendal quickly sold out (last one sold at 11:22 AM), so I put another one it its place: Ember. Then Ember sold out by 3:38 PM.

And today it is Juliet, with 25 in stock right now.

Including the 5 new releases over the last two weeks, we began this closeout sale with 302 kits in our catalog total. Today we have 262 kits in our catalog.

You can see all of our closeouts on our home page, at

Nevin Pratt, CEO