Tobiah's head


I hope to get back to painting mine after I have the fix for her finger. For now I decided to start twin a and b. I can paint them while rooting Flynn. Can’t wait to see your Tobiah


I should be rooting right now. I am so out of routine. I watch my little grandson pretty much every weekend. And most of my household had a bad flu like virus over the past couple of weeks. Now I can’t get motivated to finish Tobiah’s Hair or to finish the other babies on the table. Maybe tomorrow I can get started again. Tobiah is so close to being done. It’s ridiculous that I haven’t finished her yet. :grimacing:


What did Laura Lee Eagles say about that finger? I’m hoping she will respond and send you a new arm. I don’t know how you could fix that, and the kit is way too expensive for a flaw like that. :confused:


I haven’t heard from anyone yet but it was the weekend so Im hoping to hear something today. I did buy the vinyl repair from Mac’s and also another Tobiah kit because I love this kit and I wanted another one before they were gone considering that I may have to discount the one I have due to having to repair the hole. At least its on the inside of his hand and nothing you can see unless you pull his finger back and Im hoping the vinyl repair works to hold it closed.
Sometimes life gets in the way doesn’t it? Im sure you will get back into the swing of things :wink: