Tobiah's head


Can anyone else tell me if their Tobiah’s head looks like this? I assumed it was squished. But baking hadn’t fixed it yet. His leg was flat. Baking fixed it. But the head is still wonky. It looks fine from the front. But not the back. Is this just how its sculpted? :thinking:


That is a funny looking head! No idea if it’s meant to be that way or not since I didn’t buy him


Isn’t it though?! But my first born had a jacked up head like that. Maybe Tobiah was modeled after her. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Lol Poor kid :rofl: I wonder if he was sculpted like that, it seems like an odd thing for a sculptor like LLE to do though


I have two Tobiahs and they both look like this


Okay. Thanks. That’s very helpful to know. :slight_smile:


Omg I’d be mad. I use air dry so I would be stuck with a messed up kit. That head looks so unusual.


You reminded me of my last baby. Yeah he had a weird head too.


Nah. You can always boil a part and reshape it somewhat before you start painting. I’d definitely try it with this one.


That’s good to know! I’m loving this kit but we quality control is scaring me a little. Thanks!


Glad you posted this mine will be on its way soon. Once so Real has him on the front page this morning so Im watching for my shipping order. I would have been freaked out had I not known it was suppose to be this way. I noticed my Liam head was every so slightly wonky as well…different sculptors but I know they both strive for realism.


@MacPhersonCrafts are they all this way?


I saw many Tobiahs on Facebook with this neck problem.
Many people have problems with the Eyes too.


Oh no! I haven’t even tried putting eyes in. What kind of problem are they having with the eyes? :open_mouth:


It seem that the eyeplots have different sizes.
I canceled my Tobiah and bought some nice kits on Black Friday sale here on BB. ^^
Crossing fingers for you !


Katina…I will go ask the girls in the warehouse to look through them but if anything is off it can be put back into place with hot water. once we see if it is all that same I will look to see if it was in the sculpt
hUgs B


I don’t have Tobiah, but my Sunny has a weird, long, alien head. Saskia has a longer head, too. I was just considering ordering Tobiah in my next litter of babies when I saw this post. I’m going to keep an eye on it :wink:


@Peachtree, her head did finally straighten out. I boiled it and that helped a lot. But it was still a little squished. I use Genesis. So after several bakes, it finally shaped up just fine. Poor little baby is just sitting there with a big bald spot, patiently waiting for me to finish her hair. :wink:


Do you have a WIP photo before she got hair? I tried to search online for pictures of the back of her head, but I couldn’t find any others. I would like to know what it’s actually supposed to look like before I invest in that pricey of a kit:)


I don’t think I took any pics of the back of her head after thatone. But here’s one I took just now. I wet the hair and combed it down to help show the head shape. Excuse the lighting. It’s dark in here.

She’s a precious kit to paint. She takes paint well. Her size and proportions are great. I highly recommend getting her. :blush: