To whom I have done trades, sales, and buys from

Someone has been lovely enough to request that ALL my positive feedback on this site be removed, and I had A LOT.
If you have had ANY dealings with me, both good OR bad in the past 6 months- a year, PLEASE leave feedback for me in the feedback section. The only reason they could have for having ALL my feedback removed EXCEPT the 1 negative one is to make me look bad. This is getting pathetic.

I can understand everything else being able to be deleted, but why feedback. I would never ask for ANY feedback to be deleted, nor any posts. And for someone to go through and have ALL my positive feedback deleted…That is very childish, and not fair at all to me…

Please, if you have done a transaction with me, can you please leave me a feedback in the feedback section. Thank You so much.

I have made this one post about it, that is it. So I am not too sure what it is you are getting at…

So basically what you are saying is that by BB removing ALL my positive feedback, ANYONE who has left me positive feedback before can NOT leave me positive feedback again…or their account will be suspended…Okay…so basically, by removing that huge bunch of positive feedbacks, it makes it so I am not even able to get positive feedback again…

Interesting…Was it you who had my feedback deleted?

— Begin quote from “JubileeJ”

I am saying if the people whose feedbacks were deleted make a new feedback post for you with the same content or nearly the same content, they are possible subject to suspension according to the rules.

The rules say you cannot create a new post about the same subject or it will be deleted and your membership is subject to suspension.

— End quote

We are not that draconian. That is why Nevin said “may” and “might” rather than “shall”.

A lot of the suspension decisions also really hinges on how much extra work is being inflicted on us, and by whom. The “why” is almost secondary. And we are usually quite tolerant, for the simple reason that we we have our real jobs to do instead of monitoring the forum.

Simple deletion requests do not require much work. But a bunch of requests from the same person might. This indicates that (1) either somebody keeps bringing up a hot topic that should not be brought up (so we might suspend the originator of the posts in order to stop the cycle), or (2) somebody is making deletion spamming requests (so we might suspend the requestor to stop the cycle). In both cases, our motivation is to put an end to the extra work being inflicted on us, so that we can get back to our real jobs.

And, Nevin isn’t the only one at Bountiful Baby that has authority to suspend an account. Any staff member here can. Nevin will typically review it, but possibly not always.