To sell on ebay

I have tried to sell 2 babies on ebay and neither have sold. So what is the secret to making a baby that sells on ebay?

After selling a couple for low low prices ( my firsts so I was happy to sell them at all), I started really checking out ebay. I think a template makes a difference in people’s minds and how the doll is posed. Photography and lighting are my sticking points…well, and not having a doll done to list right now! Is it worth it to get photography lights to make the coloring right? Is it wrong to adjust the exposure on a photo to get it to the color the doll is? And I’d like to know why people have a reserve instead of just starting it at that point.

The market is slow right now.

I have sold all of my dolls on Ebay in the past without issue, but having 2 listed in the past few weeks, neather have sold. I think it is a combo of time of year and the election. I wouldn’t take it personally. Try re-listing closer to Christmas time when people are thinking about spending.

Sara I love your siggy. Thank you ladies. I have not listed before because I had to get better. I just bought a template but I have to mess with it to figure it out, been busy!

I will give my opinion on a Reserve. The only purpose I can see to usr a reserve is to increase the number of bids. To some buyers who are looking, lots of bids will draw them in. Often the seller will not reveal what the reserve is. I start any auction with the lowest I’m willing to get. That way if I get one bidder I am getting what I want and can hope for more.