To All Newbies on the Forum!


Welcome to BB! The ladies on this forum are great and very helpful! One suggestion…if you post a photo of a reborn you’re working on, be sure to ask for honest opinions and critque’s. Then be prepared for the responses. They will not be given in malice or ill will. They will be given as a sincere desire to help you learn the art and make the best possible reborn you can. I remember when I first joined I posted a pic of a completed reborn. All the responses I received were extremely complimentary. I was estatic that I had made such an awesome reborn. I look back at those pics now and think, "OMG!! That doll was horrid! Why didn’t somebody tell me it was almost ***neon orange ***and looked like I had rooted the hair with a crochet needle!! It was a very sweet kit and could have been a pretty reborn…if I had only been told I needed to change those things.
I hope I haven’t offended anyone on the forum…I’m only trying to help.

Angel’s Breath Reborns


I realized that right away and that is why I started putting in my post to please be honest.


I love that this is a place where we can get honest feedback. Sometimes it hurts a little to hear, but it is always right and makes us better in our craft in the long run.