Tips for making a magnetic passy


Want your magnetic to lay nice and flat?

  1. I always buy the flat retangular magnets from BB.
  2. I always buy passy where the rubber nipple is pulled throught the hole on the handle (hope you know what I mean)
  3. I take a knife and cut all around the part of nipple that has been pulled through the hole. That should releass the nipple.
  4. Now you can pull the handle completely out. Very carefully with a sharp knife, trim the plastic where the magnet will lay. This will ensure that your magnet will lay lower, therefore, will be flush wil the babies mouth.
  5. Glue magnet. I always finish my passy with a matching piec of felt over the magnet to protect babies mouth.

Good Luck!!!


Thanks. It is hard fitting a round magnet when the shape of the nipple part that meets the plastic pacifer is always oval shaped. I have been thinking that the rectangular magnets would work better.