Tiny cuddle bodies

Is anyone making tiny cuddle bodies? I’m seeing a huge need for 6”-10”. Lots of tiny silicone heads about, and no place to get a body! Someone could definitely make a small fortune if they started making them. I personally could use a 7-8” and just can’t seem to find one. Sewing isn’t something I’m super talented at, but it’s starting to look like I’m going to have to piece something together soon!

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I do make 8", 10" and 12" cuddle bodies on demand. No smaller than that because of the difficulty of finding tiny joints and weighting them.


The ones I’ve seen that small aren’t jointed, so that makes total sense now. They almost look like little beanbag bodies. There’s been even more of an increase in interest since Kimbrydolls put out her snugbie babies. Picture for reference. I’m not sure who’s body it is so I can’t credit them.


A body like this is a good idea for the smallest size!
I haven’t received a lot of inquiries about tiny bodies, just one regular customer.