does anyone know anything about when Macphersons is shipping out Tink by Bonnie Brown? the original expected ship date was end of April. I pre orered. But havent heard anything at all about when she is coming or will be shopped, and obviously we are past the end of april now. Thanks!


I think you should check with Mac’s. I pre ordered 2 Tink’s from them and received both a long time ago. Was there a second ordering that I don’t know about?? If not, then you should have had her a long time ago. Call/email and asked what happened. Did you receive an invoice for the balance?


id like to know as well. I also preordered a second edition and not a peep.


Sorry ladies, mine was the first pre-ordering of her.


On their website Tink is still listed as pre-order for 2nd edition. The delivery dates are always very inaccurate, and the kits are often very late. I am sure they will be shipped out as they arrive. Have you paid the balance?


Go to the HelpDesk and send them your question. They will get back to you.


I would love to get Tink :slight_smile: Do you sell the 2nd editions for less?