Tink on the way


Currently working on Tink by Bonnie Brown. Cant wait to finish her, such a cute sculpt.


She’s cute but way to small.


She’s 18 inches-not that small.


Shes not short, but her limbs are tiny, its hard to explain…but I think shes adorable …she does have long skinny arms and fingers though :rofl:


Tink is looking amazing! Your veins and mottling is very realistic.


I’d say more like 16. I have her here in person and she’s little. I measured her at about 16 inches with the body that was provided with the kit. And she’s very skinny too


I have her put together right now and the premie gown swallows her in length. I would say she’s 16 inches.i loved her hands.


Thank you


Her hands are so cute, I agree


She’s looking great!


16 inches is tiny. I didn’t realize she’s a preemie. Two inches makes a big difference. I’ve only seen her advertised as 18 inches. I love her hands, too.


Tink is pretty small, mine has a ‘fat’ body (maybe I overstuffed her). I thought about taking her apart and taking her body ‘in’ a little bit.


Beautiful painting!! Go for what you love! :wink:


Shes coming along, almost finish with Baby Tink. Shes such a cute sculpt.


She is beautiful and all girl