Tink by Bonnie Brown kit + Skya kit

I have a Tink kit by Bonnie Brown with COA for sale + eyeco poly glass half round eyes
Also Realborn Skya awake ( sold out at this moment) ( 2 Nd ) with body included + half round plastic eyes .

$155 usd ( for both ) including shipping to Canada and USA


Is the price for both? It’s not real clear.

Yes !
Tink with body and COA + eyes
Skya awake with body ( no COA ad it’s second ) + eyes

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Tink is on my list and on a normal day I’d snatch them up :tired_face:

Keep it a normal day with extra doll painting hours . :grinning:

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Yep…I am wanting them, but just hesitating. It’s a good deal

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Let me know if you want them . I can ship today or tomorrow morning . Until Canadapost still working .

Ah man! Too bad our dollar is so terrible because I would love a Tink! $155 is a good deal - $225CAD really adds up.


Still avaiable :slight_smile: