Tibby sculpt

Has anyone here done a Tibby kit? I think she resembles my youngest daughter and would love to reborn her as my keeper…If you have was her head hard to root? I would like to see pictures of any you have done.


I’ve done Tibby several times, but always used the Doris wig; I’ve never tried to root that big head.

I’ve done a Tibby with rooted hair. You probably wouldn’t want to see her (she was a vampire!)


I wanna see too

Okaaaay. But you have to promise not to get scared! LOL She was definitely intimidating to me (as in: what the heck am I supposed to do with that forehead??!!)

Good job! Not too scary at all! She does have a HUGE HEAD, for sure!!!

I found her to be rather ‘dolly’, to be honest. I just wanted to give her a bit of character.

— Begin quote from “cmjt1013”

I am not the Vampire kind of person. I actually think this is one beautiful little Vampire!

— End quote

Well thanks!! She was fun to work on.

What a cutie!!! I may go ahead and purchase her while she is on sale.

I made a rooted Tibby…It took forever to root him, but he came out so cute.

Here he is

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That is probably exactly what he was saying That’s my Lafayette. he is now 19 pounds of fluffy furry fat cat!

It took me over a month to root him…and my fingers ached SO bad. LOL!!

Here is a link to one of my Tibby girls.

If you go to the search and put in my name–kimomax and Tibby and select reborn showcase, you will find more links to the Tibby sagas.

She is fun to do. I have Stinker and the pouty one to do yet for keepers.