Three Easter Chicks


My three latest babies are finished and are soon to be listed: Sadie, Jewel, and Gracie.

I would love thoughts on pricing as I was thinking $250 each.


These are cute, cute, cute! I can’t help you with price as I have never sold a doll. But, if it is worth anything, in my opinion, I have seen dolls that were not as well done sell for money than $250. I guess it is like I have heard a lot in my life – it is worth what a person get another one to pay for it. :slight_smile: BOL




Your babies are lovely, @Peachtree. I think they are worth more than $250.


@DollyPardon, @Mommy2five, @Jacelyn5440 Thank you! I have listed Grady/Gracie first @$250 as I feel like he is the least well-done of the three. If he goes quickly, I will raise the price. The only one that I feel is actually good is Sadie. I really improved my rooting with her. I do need to sell them (at least one of them) before the month is out so that I can pay for my preorders.


I’d charge $300 for Sadie. I really like her. She’s so sweet.


Very adorable!! Lovely healthy looking skin


So CUTE, all 3 of them!


All 3 are Beautiful!!!:hatched_chick::hatched_chick::hatched_chick: