Three babies for sale!


I have these three babies available at the moment. :blush:

  • Realborn Kimberly (the boy with painted hair)
  • Lucrecia by Natalie Blick (the girl that smiles)
  • Ellis by Olga Auer (the boy in pyjamas)

Please send me an email to if you are interested!

Xx Tove


They are all beautiful!


I love your work and your photos! Sweet babies


They are precious. How hard was Ellis to work with? Daldnursery has him on sale. I keep wanting to buy him, but when I looked him up on this forum, all I found was people selling their blank Ellis kits. That makes me think he must be hard or have weird limbs. You made him look perfect. But would he be too hard for a fairly new artist like me?


Absolutely stunning! Kimberly, wow really does look good as a boy. And I can’t believe it’s painted hair, looks so real!!


What beautiful babies :heart:


Love your babies. Beautiful.


My only problem with Ellis is I don’t like the arms on him with the body that came with him. There is nothing wrong with the sculpt. I have 2 Olga Auer one Maylin and Ellis and have no enthusiasm to paint them. Thats why I was trying to sell mine. Just so you know I have too many sculpts, way too many. LOL.


BEAUTIFUL! :heart_eyes:


Love them all but especially your Ellis!


I have painted and rooted 2 Ellis and I love her!! I have heard many people say her arms are too short but she looks fine in her clothes to me. I made him a girl and they are really cute. Yours is lovely!!


Thank you so so much for your lovely comments! :heart_eyes:

Ellis is now sold, but the two other sweet hearts are still available :kissing_closed_eyes:


aww… thank you for thinking I made him look perfect…! :kissing_closed_eyes: But I can’t figure out something weird with his limbs, and I thought it was like usual to paint the vinyl. :slightly_smiling_face:


Your Kimberley is so cute!


Thank you! :sparkles::two_hearts: