Three babies for sale *Prices lowered*


Good morning everyone! I am clearing out some of the dolls I’ve collected/made over the past couple months to make room for other babies and to help pay my college bills. Prices include shipping in the US and I’m open to offers on any of the babies, I really would like to sell them. All babies will come home with a nice box opening. You can pick if they come as a boy or girl. I have more pictures of all babies upon request, I just don’t want to over do this post with pictures. Great time to adopt a new baby for yourself or maybe a loved one for Valentine’s day :wink:

Prices lowered and open to offers. Need the babies sold

Rose: $325
I adopted Rose just a couple months ago and she is beautiful! I just tend to not bond with girls, so here she is. She has amazing rooted hair. She has a couple ink marks on her big toe and also a couple rubbed areas. She came to me like this and I was unaware of them before I bought her, so this is reflected in her price now. I think she is still beutiful even with her little flaws.

Leah: $140
I made Leah as a custom but the customer stopped making payments months ago. She was painted with GHSP and has painted hair. She was made to be a girl, but I’ve had her dressed as a boy.

Miles: $145


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