This remark, I want honest opinions please,added a few pics

AH you gals dont know how much I appreciate you, I dont think we realize how much we help each other,love ya all,

Your babies do not all look the same and I wouldn’t let this comment discourage you.

Sharon, your babies are all beautiful and they don’t look alike. You have a certain type of baby you like to make, happy and sweet little reborns. The woman who made this comment perhaps likes some crying and unhappy looking reborns, so she should go look at them! Years ago my art teacher told me that every artist puts a little of herself in her work, so your dolls are reflecting quite a nice person - keep up the good work.

                      Jeanne from Ohio

Sharon sweety maker of beautiful babies I am sorry that this thing, MCscout, gave you a jab and hurt your feelings. Who ever this stinky little troll is it needs to crawl back under its rock and leave people alone. That is the job of a troll to hurt people, who knows why?

Don’t take its comments to heart I know its hard Im sensitive too.

Change its comment to All your babies come out so cute.
Love your babies always have always will,
Keep up the good work,

WOW you all are sooooo wonderful, sometimes I wish I wasnt so sensitive, But I guess GOD made me this way,

Being sensitive is a good thing too because it makes you kind and empathetic.
Hugs Debi

Sharon-- Your babies are wonderful! That rude comment was so stupid. Think about it- there are entire COUNTRIES where everyone has the same color and texture of hair (China, Japan, etc) --not to mention the same eye color–yet they are individuals!!!

What a frickin’ moron!!! Did she expect you do brown, black, blonde, red, blue, and purple hair just to make your babies look different? They are different sculpts. Does she have that Facial Reconigition problem that comes with Alheimeirs or something?

Like everyone said, that gal’s bitterness shows through. She has some personal issues. Your work must have made her feel so inferior that she wanted to hurt you.

Sharon, Every artist has his or her own unique way of doing things. Your babies are beautiful, I wouldn’t let her bother you. I personally think you do great work. That person however needs to get a life.

     Hugs Tina

Your babies are adorable. Keep making them to suit yourself and ignore people who aren’t so nice!

Do Not worry about negative comments from that person or any other mean person. We all have our own style and thats what makes them OURS You do Beautiful Work!

thank you all again,