This remark, I want honest opinions please,added a few pics

Do all my babies look the same?? And what do I need to do differently?? Thanks to all you wonderful ladies,

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Big surprise that you went with the baby brown hair…all your reborns look the same. by MCscout

Sharon, Your babies are beautiful. She is just going around being cruel in each and every post she can. She did it to my two younger sisters and I, She did it to Lori, To you and to others…Do not take anything she says to heart. Your Eden is beautiful and no, all your babies do NOT look the same.

MCscout, can we please see some pictures of YOUR babies…I bet they are all DIFFERENT and BEAUTIFUL. Don’t think I’ve ever seen any. Thanks!

OH, that just makes me sad! Please ignore her and do what you want with your babies! All of my babies tend to get baby brown hair, even though I have several colors to choose from! Your babies are precious! Just have a great day!!!

I don’t know, could you post a few of them? I know I used to buy an ounce of hair and root with it till it was gone, then buy another color. So I see why you would do them all with brown hair. I branched out now though, and have 4 different colors ready to be rooted.

Hi! I am saying this as a general response (not just to you) to everyone who posts about insults or non sales with their babies: Just like in real life, every doll is different and special in its own unique way. Some people are so artistically inclined that their first doll will be better than someone else’s 10th one. Don’t compare yourself to others, God made us all different for a reason. All that matters is that you enjoy what you do and that you get better each time you do one. It doesn’t matter if your not as good as someone else. Also, don’t worry if all your dolls are completely different or if they all look like brothers and sisters, all that matters is that you enjoyed making them and that they are well loved by yourself or their new mums.
Sharon, your babies are beautiful. Keep doing what your doing, girl!! Don’t worry about trying to be different unless you get bored, but let the decision be yours, not someone elses. God Bless!!

here are a few

No, I don’t think your babies all look the same.

yea, they all the same GORGEOUS…lol…they are all beautiful and I don’t think they are the same at all…she’s just jealous

I looked at ten pages of your posts and you are one nice lady. You often compliment people on their babies and give some helpful suggestions. You have a long prayer list and someday I may need to be added.

Your babies have quite a bit of variety, but you are fond of open-eyed baby girls, 2-3 months old and lots of them have curls - Hey that’s what a lot of people like to buy - me included. My favorite baby age is 3 months with they start trying to make talking sounds and I think a lot of people love that age.

Here is one way in which they are identical - They are BEAUTIFUL. Just keep following your own dreams.

They are adorable and no they all look different. please dont let people like that bug you. I just ignore.

I sure do appreciate you gals, you really are wonderful, Because I know how hard we ALL work on these little babies. encouragement is good medicine, lol…

I would just ignore a person like that! They have nothing better to do! And no your babies do not look the same! Don’t take it to heart!!!

Ya can’t fix “beautiful”! Once you got it, Sharon, ya got it!

thank you all sooooo much,

— Begin quote from “angelnewbornsnursery”

And to add… we all have our style and that makes our babies look alike. For example, if I see a pic of Selena’s baby, I know it is hers even without her signature. Again, just ignore the sad person who has nothing else to do but to post negative posts. She must live a very unhappy life. Don’t let her ruin your day.

— End quote

She could not have said this any better. That is perfectly stated.

  • your babies are so soft looking. They are beautiful.

Your babies are beautiful!! Don’t let that curmudgeon make you doubt your abilities…just keep on keepin’ on!


I remember seeing that post and thinking how rude it was! Your babies are all beautiful and while we all have our own style they do not all look the same!


So what if they all look the same. In real life you get people that look alike even if they are not related. As long as you enjoy making the babies, it is okay. I whish my babies could look like that. Usually it is peoople who can’t do better that has this kind of critique.

Some people are just inclined to be “mislik” (that means ugly towards other people in Afrikaans)!

So… don’t let her “mislikheid” get the better of you!


Your babies are all BEAUTIFUL! Do not change a thing!!