This is me, is this you too?


If I did follow this, I wouldn’t be able to buy any kits for a few years.




Not me lol but I feel like it’s fitting for most people here




Hahahahah!!! :laughing:


Hilarious! My son always got a kick out of that show–always the paternity test. Every so often i come across it and watch. Then I text him…“guess what, joe blow is not the daddy”! Maybe i’ll text him yours…he knows I’m outta control.


:laughing::laughing::laughing: too true


I don’t let my hubby see my PayPal account


LOL When I saw the post in January about who has what and how many kits I was thinking: "I will be frugal… I came from the immigrants, I have to be frugal… I will not let this addiction take over me… ". Four month later I have enough kits to paint the whole year without buying anything :wink:


You and me both, but does that stop me? Nope.


Oh that’s to funny!! That’s a good one!!


I stuck to it when I first started. But couldn’t keep up with it.
If I need to order new supplies, I might as well order another kit or two to save on shipping, right? :rofl:


This is what got me - I always justifying it as a savings on shipment :rofl:


So me :joy::rofl::joy::rofl:




Your doing good you only have enough for just 1 year.


Same here got a stock pile if I need something or they have kits or bodies o. Sale got to get them all at once to save shipping lol


@babymaw Naw I am justifying it as my retirement investments - when I’ll retire I would not have to spend money on kits :wink:. Again, being frugal :joy:


I am retired and I can tell you you’ll still spend money on kits. No way out because they keep making new, ‘gotta have it’, kits. lol


Great minds think alike. That is my thoughts exactly. I wind up giving dolls away though. I’m a bad business person even now. I might wind up saving money by retiring lol.