There are reputable

There are reputable sellers/traders on this forum and BB has been kind enough to allow this.

I hope we don’t loose a privilege that many of us have enjoyed because of a few “bad” apples.

I especially love shopping with sugargliders, Gina, and many others and of course with BB, my #1 supplier. They are dependable, courteous, and always stand behind their products.

We are fortunate this is a “free” forum…many are not.

“Bad apples” need to be tossed out so as not to spoil the rest and glad Nevin is doing tjust hat when necessary . JMO

MY DH says I should buy stock in BB as that is my favorite place to send his money.


one of the first things i do when getting on line is check the for sale section… there are some great people there that are great to deal w/…

it is sad that there are some issues here. i don’t want to be a part of it but i also don’t want to lose this forum over it.

nevin please don’t take away the sale/wanted section!!

I agree, I’m new to reborning but have bought several things from this forum and hope we won’t lose out on this wonderful place.

did y’all see this?? hope it doesn’t happen, but I don’t blame him if it does

I love the for sale section, it is my first and favorite place to visit. If it goes away I guess I will have to pay DF and join there. They also have the sale section.

I am sure most of us remember loosing these options once before and we all begged for them back…we were all very grateful to get these sections back…DO NOT BLOW it for the rest of us THANK YOU!

The feeback, sales, and wanted section is a valuable tool to this site. I feel it is wrong to take it away because some people did some bad transactions. The feedback is important, cuz it lets the buyer know who is creditable and who is not. The sales and wanted sections give the buyer a chance to get in on a good deal, find speciality items and so forth. It also gives the seller a chance to sell their products.

This use to be a really fun site. Then there was some changes. Now there is a lot of arguing. We are adults here. If you made a mistake(s) or did a bad transaction(a). Do the responsible thing and own up to it and make it right. Name calling or suggesting a BB member to leave is uncalled for.

Just my adult opinion I wanted to share with everyone.

If you posted it on my thread well I was expecting it. If you have done nothing wrong you get the shaft and if you do something wrong it’s okay.

Well, I’ve resisted posting on these threads…but can’t anymore. I’ve been a part of this forum for a long time. I’ve had transactions with quite a few ladies on this forum. Every one has been fine. However, I’m also very aware of some who may not always be very ethical. I have steered away from these individuals. This is my choice. Everyone out there has freedom of choice as well as common sense. So what you do is your business. However, I do agree that if you take a chance with someone and the transaction goes bad CONTACT THAT PERSON FIRST BEFORE YOU “OUT” HER ON A FORUM. Calling “scammer” is not a game…its serious business not to be taken lightly. Also, if Nevin ends up shutting down the “sales/wanted” area of BB, I believe that will be the “kiss of death” for this forum. Ladies will go elsewhere to look at those sections, get comfortable there, stay, and not come back to BB. Do you want that to happen?

I agree with the contact first part whole heartedly and the part about the forum dying if the for sale section ends. I don’t know where people got the idea that I was scamming Jean and I Pm’d her about and I also said this on the forum because I am not a scammer. Jean is sweet and so are many other ladies on this forum. As for being new on this forum and buying from people you can get scammed easy no matter what ya do if you go by the feedback forum. No bad feedback is in there that I know of and from the sounds of it it has been left and then deleted. So what can you do coming into a forum to see who to buy from? Sit back and watch the threads first until they get deleted of course. Then make a decision.

I agree whole heartedly with Kristin.
I lerked on the forum and finally joined because of the sale section.
My first transaction was very disapointing to say the least.I said nothing
because I was new.I know 1st hand to be careful of one member.
To the new people…we can’t worn you,so if you aren’t sure ask another
member you trust before entering into a transaction with some one you don’t know.