The Nerve of People

blender is fine, can you throw in a Christmas tree and my granny has a wooden leg and is blind and would like a free reborn if you have one, we need it to have blue eyes, red hair and can you make it poop?


I’m willing to throw in 2 exhusbands…free of charge. I’ll even pay for the shipping. :rofl:


@Katinafleming No, one ex per one reborn since you don’t have that many :joy:


I’d tell her NO to the car seat and swing, but say the baby comes with a live in nanny for the first 3 months after which she could pay out of pocket if she wishes to keep the nanny and 2 free mommy/baby Zumba classes. Gifts will be sent once she provides proof of baby’s vaccinations. LOL LOL


I have a rambunctious puppy that thinks my face is a chew toy I might be willing to meet her with! haha. No but on a serious note that live in nanny that you are offering @DancesWithDolls is so tempting I might take you up on that offer! :wink: :laughing: And Zumba classes?! Count me in! Haha!

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lol lol, I wonder if they’d ask me to leave if I showed up to mommy/baby zumba with one of my dolls.


Haha! One way to find out! :wink:

The new message reads:
hey I send you a message and you never emailed me.

Must be a child for sure! Smh

Oh my goodness!! I’m busting a gut laughing at all of the funny response. LOL. You guys are hilarious. I would just ignore this one…sounds like a kid.


She can have mine so she can stock up.


@Gabriell @Katinafleming LOL She can have mine 2 exes also, but I am keeping the 3rd one :wink:


Yep. Third times a charm here too. First 2 were just epic mistakes :rofl:


I married the same man twice, so my ex is my current husband. I don’t recommend revisiting the past.


@Gabriell Wow! Just wow! Did you expect he would change?

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I only have one ex husband, I decided to keep the second one :wink: .

@Gabriell I took my first one back after a year of separation…I left again about a year later :wink:


@Gabriell and @Lil I am in the same boat, I took my ex-hisband back also recently. I am hoping it works out, we shall see what the future holds.


He had me convinced I was the one who needed to change…

Lots of therapy and the need to hold my family together helped me stay but it is an “arrangement” we have. We live separate lives in the same house.

It isn’t horrible and at 53 I just don’t see myself out dating…


I was 31 when I left my first husband, for the second time. I firmly decided that I didnt want another relationship. I dated a bit but I was guarded…then I went and fell in love. Two kids later we’ve now been married longer than my first husband and I were, and we are happy and comfortable together.
I can understand not wanting to go out dating now. Im 51 and if something were to happen Id just go live with my oldest daughter :wink: .


I have friends who find a husbands fast after divorce later in life.

This one friend I have (she is my age) told her divorce lawyer to find her a husband.

It was a smart move, he knew a lot of divorced men, knew who the good guys were and who had money (an important quality for her). He found her a 62 year old retired guy with a portfolio to match her previous husbands.

She said to me, " There are tons of fish in that sea"

I am happy for her but her husband is old and his ex-wife couldn’t fix em and set him out on an iceberg. I don’t want someone else’s iceberg husband. He moved her to some golf course retirement community where everyone drinks wine and talks about how great they use to be.

I am no spring chicken and if you have been married (happily) a long time you grow old with your husband, he ages so slowly, you barely notice, and love is bigger than nose hair, a saggy butt, and all the other scary things that come with time passing.

I have never been and never will be attracted to “Old guys” they are not “my” old guy, I would be dating someone who just showed up falling apart, hair falling out, teeth all yellow, bad habits…

I went to a rotary club meeting (part of my job) looked around and said to myself “Nope, and nope”.

If I were a man I would be looking for a forty year old wife because a man can pull that off, women not so much. No healthy 40 year old man who is a catch wants a 53 year old woman with stretch marks, wrinkles, a skin skirt from having babies and all the baggage that comes from being previously married to an ■■■■■■■.

So single (ish) it is for me. Maybe I deserve it for hating the aging process. I like my mind (as scary as it is) but it doesn’t match this creepy getting old business, not a fan of what is happening to parts of me.


Im definitely not a fan…I have enough problems with my diseases, getting old just makes it all worse and I have one of those skin skirts too…I had 5 babies :wink: .

I also don’t blame you for not wanting someone else iceberg husband LOL
Being comfortable with someone is important, you don’t have to be crazy in love all over each other (like in Outlander) to have a good relationship.