The Nerve of People


I just received this message on reborns:
what kind of outfits and stuff do you send do you send car seats, stroller,swings or anything like that do we get dippers and a blanket, bibs and all that good stuff.

Is she for real? The baby has already been reduced to $175. Does anybody send swings, strollers or car seats? People are something else !


No one I’ve ever heard of sends that kind of stuff ever regardless of the price. You need to ignore her.


We would definitely be loosing money. I am not going to bother replying to that foolishness, lol


I wouldn’t sell to her either. She sounds like exactly the type to find some flaw in the baby and complain or do a chargeback. Some people really are ridiculous. :roll_eyes:


LOL :joy:. Shipping would cost a fortune!


I could absolutely send this , if you pay for it and the shipping,plus an amount for my time and effort…


:rofl::rofl::rofl: That’s totally Hysterical!! She’s crazy :thinking:


Why not a crib too??!! Smh!!


And as someone said once, your firstborn also!


I would definitely sent that answer and add that in addition, the price of the doll increased because here is the kit and materials cost for it.


Sounds to me like a child asking that. One that’s only seen those fancy box openings on YouTube and thinks those cost $100.


OF course I send all that, doesn’t everyone??:rofl::rofl:


What?!? She’s gotta be kidding me!! Already she is getting a steal of a deal on the baby. Some people need to stop!


Id be tempted to have some fun with that one. carry on about the furniture, playsets, wardrobe and sometimes I even send a puppy!


This woman has either mistaken reborn artists for being Santa or she’s causing trouble because she doesn’t like reborns and is mocking their price. There’s no way she is serious, unless she is a kid.


I am wondering if that is a child sending you that message…


Oh that’s insane. You should say, oh yes! I send a car seat and stroller with every reborn, which brand do you prefer? If she seriously answers back, give her the real grand total for all of it. I’d string that nut along for sheer enjoyment. Two can play her game.:joy:


It might be someone messing with you and it might not.

I sometimes get this kind of email. You would think they would ask more practical question but it seems to start with “what do I get”

You get a baby, a well painted art doll that took a lot of hours, attention to detail and is hopefully something you will treasure for a long time.

and a bag of apples, two coffee cups, a broken toaster, halloween candy, and my next door neighbors dog who is up all night barking.


I have a question. :raising_hand_woman:t2:‍♀️
I’m out of broken toasters. Will a broken blender be a suitable replacement?


Sounds like a wise acre…